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Technical data for the Ferroscan, Profometer and X-scan scanners

Presented below is the basic technical data of the devices that we use to perform concrete scanning services. Detailed technical data is available upon request. We would like to note that each time we answer inquiries regarding the concrete scanning, we select the appropriate equipment, testing methods and decide upon the necessary number of scans, taking into account not only the data but also the experience of working with these devices.


Hilti Ferroscan PS200 S eddy current scanner technical data

Hitli Ferrroscan PS200 S allows scanning in one of three modes:

  • QuickScan - rebar location, concrete cover measurement, view of the signal strength of reinforcing bars, length up to 30 m

  • ImageScan - 2D imaging of the reinforcement layout, bar diameter estimation, concrete cover measurement, image size 60×60 cm

  • BlockScan - stitching together up to 9 ImageScans into one image, up to the size of 180×180 cm

Ferroscan PS200 S rebar scanner is able to recognize individual reinforcing bars if a spacing distance is ≥36mm and when the spacing/cover ratio is ≥2:1. The measurement starting point should be ≥30 mm from the nearest reinforcing bar. Reinforcement cover can be measured for depths ≥10 mm.

The values in the following tables indicate the accuracy of the depth measurement as a possible deviation from the actual value in [mm]:

0: a bar at this depth is detected, but the depth is not calculated

X: a bar at this depth is not detected

Other technical data:

  • Location of the centre of the reinforcing bar typically ±3mm relative to the measured position, for the spacing/cover ratio ≥1.5:1

  • Determination of the bar diameter is possible up to a depth of 60 mm, only for ImageScans and BlockScans

  • Accuracy of diameter determination ±1 from the standard diameters according to the DIN 488, for the spacing/cover ratio ≥2:1

Proceq Profometer 650 AI eddy current scanner technical data

Profometer allows scanning in one of six modes:

  • Locating - automatic detection of inclined rebars, graphical representation of the signal strength

  • Single-Line - linear detection of rebar, cover measurement, equivalent to the QuickScan mode in Ferroscan

  • Multi-Line - stitching together the Single-Line linear scans with the visualisation of variations in cover thickness

  • Area-Scan - creating a cover map with the determination of the grid dimensions of the performed scans

  • Cross-Line - combining measurements in the vertical and horizontal axis, as well as a preview of signal strength
















The above tables show basic information on the detection range and accuracy of bar detection depending on the cover depth and rebar diameter as well as the possibility of detecting individual reinforcing bars depending on the cover and their spacing.

Hilti X-Scan PS1000 GPR scanner technical data


X-Scan allows scanning in one of three modes::

  • QuickScan - GPR profiling, length of a single scan up to 10 m

    • QuickScan Expert - greater scanning depth, view of the raw GPR signal

  • ImageScan - 2D/3D imaging of objects in concrete, 60×60 cm or 120×120 cm image size

The Hilti X-Scan PS1000 ground penetrating radar (GPR) detects metal and non-metal objects in structures such as reinforcing bars and tendons (steel and composite), pipes (metal and plastic), voids (places with insufficient amount of concrete, hollow blocks, chimney flues). It is also possible to test the thickness of structural elements like concrete walls or slabs.


  • Depth detection of objects in concrete ~300 mm*, using the Expert Mode –  even over 400* mm

  • Minimum distance between two adjacent detected objects 40 mm

  • Accuracy of the location of objects in concrete ±10 mm

* - the detection depth in the case of the ground penetrating radar (GPR) depends primarily on the dielectric constant of the tested material; under normal conditions (dry concrete)  is ~300 mm, using the Expert Mode – even over 400 mm.

If you have any questions regarding the technical possibilities of concrete scanning in specific cases, please contact us.

Profometer Measuring Range.jpg

Tab. 4 - Measurement range and accuracy of rebar locating depending on the cover depth and rebar diameter.

Profometer Unsurpassed Resolution.jpg

Tab. 5 - The possibility to recognize individual bars depending on the cover depth and spacing of reinforcing bars.


Tab. 1 - ImageScan accuracy with a known reinforcing bar diameter


Tab. 2 - ImageScan accuracy with an unknown reinforcing bar diameter


Tab. 3 - QuickScan accuracy with a known reinforcing bar diameter

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