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We advise on structural
investigating methods

Engineering consultancy, structural condition assessment


It is also our job to dispel doubts about structural investigations. We look forward to any inquiries from our current or potential clients. We take all of them seriously as we believe that there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. We are aware that not everybody knows the technical capabilities of our equipment and of the tests that we perform. That is why we always advise on the most suitable structural investigation methods and the technical possibilities of their performance. After analysing the documentation provided by the client, we suggest necessary tests and their scope so that they are not only reliable but also reasonably priced.


To prepare an offer, we always ask for as much information as possible about the specific conditions of the order such as high humidity or dustiness, working in extreme temperatures, at heights, in tight spaces or in the proximity of electromagnetic-sensitive equipment. Information on previously performed tests, breakouts or noticed defects of the structure (scratches, cracks, subsidence, deflections) is also very important. The information provided helps us prepare to execute the order without problems or delays, thereby enabling smooth implementation of the investment process.

The result of the structural investigation is the preparation of a report


We process the performed measurements and cstructural tests for our clients in the form of a transparent report, which enables subsequent analysis of the results. On request, on the basis of provided structural investigation services, we perform inspections of executed works (checking compliance with the construction drawings, e.g. in the case of reinforced concrete elements), static verification calculations, structural condition assessment.


We provide our clients with comprehensive service thanks to our knowledge, experience and constantly expanding technical facilities of top-class diagnostic and surveying equipment. We are always happy to answer any questions and try to help find optimal solutions in the scope of our services. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us.

We perform structural reports which:

  • Check the execution according to the technical documentation

  • Assess the technical condition of buildings and structures

  • Specify the causes of structural damage with an indication of repair methods

  • Determine the load-bearing capacity of the foundation, walls, columns, slabs (also when changing the loads)

  • Verify strenghtening design and methods of an existing buildings

Check out our investigation services:

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