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Ferroscan and X-Scan, Proceq Profometer – concrete scanning services price list


Pricing of the service is determined individually depending on the number of scans, type of scanned surface and access to it, as well as other specific terms. Therefore, the following price list is for information purposes only. We offer attractive discounts for more scans, other tests and long-term cooperation.


Basic prices (net):


  • Imagescan; 60x60 [cm] - 75 EUR, 120x120 [cm] - 225 EUR

  • Quickscan - from 7,50 EUR/lm

  • Travel costs - from 0,35 EUR/km

Contact us to discuss the scope and pricing of scanning.

Equipment used for concrete scanning and rebar locating

We perform concrete scanning with the highest class devices: the Hilti Ferroscan PS200, PS300 and Proceq Profometer 650 AI electromagnetic (eddy current) concrete scanners and rebar locators, as well as the Hilti X-Scan PS1000 and GSSI StructureScan Mini XT ground penetrating radars (GPR). The combination of the advantages of eddy current and GPR methods allows us to detect not only steel reinforcing bars, but also to detect composite bars, locate tendons, steel and plastic pipes or voids in concrete.


The accessory Palm XT antenna of the StrucutreScan Mini XT GPR allows us to measure in locations where the survey heads of the Hilti Ferroscan, Proceq Profometer 650 AI or Hilti X-Scan systems prove to be too large. LineTrac XT, on the other hand, allows us to detect live cables. Moreover, we use the set of Hilti PS50 multidetector with Hilti PX10T+PX10R  transpointers, which enables us to transfer the scanning location to the other side of the element in order to verify the measurements there or to measure the thickness of the structural element.


Reference grids prepared on the XPS overlays enable the correct scanning also on a rough or cracked surface. The test results are provided in a form agreed with the customer. Upon request, we can prepare structural condition assessment of the scanned structure.


We provide our services of concrete imaging, detection in concrete and rebar location with the Hilti Ferroscan PS200 and PS300, Proceq Profometer 650 AI as well as Hilti X-Scan PS1000 and GSSI StrucutreScan Mini XT systems throughout Poland and neighbouring countries. We are more than happy to answer all your questions and to help in selecting the scanning scope. Contact us!

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